It’s Christmas Season

Time to remember the reason

That we celebrate the birthday of a little Jewish baby boy

In this season of human suffering we look to him, the Christ child, for some joy

Born in a stable humble, mild, and meek

It is his Divine Intervention that, we, the world now seek

We pray for World Peace and for those sick &suffering

Yet, it is uplifting when still we hear the Red Kettle Bell ringing

This Christmas Day will find just David and Me

 With our two doggies Gracie Lynn and Gabriel Lee

Sitting in front of our Christmas tree

Presents were sent & calls will be made

We will watch It’s a Wonderful Life or watch a pre-recorded Parade

Fortunate we are as of this post

Our kids are well & the grandkiddos & great-grandkiddos too

We hope the same for all of you

As we approach the end of the 2020 year

A COVID-19 vaccine is on the horizon – a true reason for Holiday cheer!

It will help protect the world &those we hold dear.

Please try to stay safe & be healthy too

As we send Christmas & New Year’s Greetings asking God to Bless ALL you!

Peace and Love,

David and Sharon

Merry Christmas 2020 !!

We have donated the savings of printing and postage for our Christmas card to our favorite charities, in your honor…

Child and Family Service,   Empire Area Community Center,   Buckets of Rain,   IAT-Wings of Love,

Black Mountain Assisted Family Living Inc.,   The Friends of Sleeping Bear Dunes,   Great Lakes Humane Society

The Geislers
Dave, Sharon, Gabriel & Gracie

Despite the Pandemic, we were able to see all of our children at least once in 2020. (and some of our friends too!)
We have much to look forward to in 2021

Have a Healthy, Happy and Prosperous 2021  &

Mobile: 513-314-2197 &  513-314-9794

Hm ph: 231-714-4266