Reflections again, ahh…it is that time

Can I gather the year’s thoughts again, and make them rhyme?

Will I be able to reflect on another year & make it seem like it’s all just fine?

Hope so   -- so, here we go…

Into our lives people and situations come and go

Like the weather – sometimes it’s sunny, sometimes it’s rainy and sometimes it’s snow

There are good days and bad days and sickness and health

There are those lean times, and hopefully, some perceived small wealth

Not always money, wealth that is

Sometimes it is the joy of a sparkling fizz

Like fireworks on a holiday

Like watching our kids and grandkids at play

Like hearing good news from family or friend

Maybe that good news will cause us to say, “Hallelujah or Amen”

To say a prayer for those who are still here

To smile at the spirits of departed, who are no longer earthly near

Yes, it is time to look around and find the good

We should do this ALL year; yes, we really should

It is our annual time to spread some of that good ole Christmas Cheer

To all our family and friends, who in our hearts we hold dear

May you find peace and love and joy in the thoughts of this ecard we send

May you always permit us to call you friend

Way UPNORTH, far away

You are special to us and we think of you on many a day

As this year 2021 comes to its end

Please know we hold you close in our hearts - Amen

Merry Christmas! With love,

The Geislers
Dave, Sharon, Gabriel & Gracie

Have a Healthy, Happy and Prosperous 2022  &

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