Support New Benzie County Single Track Motorcycle trail

How about 25-35 miles of new state land single track?

The Benzie Single Track Motorcycle Trail proposal started in 2016. It is now part way through the MDNR review process. It is a technically excellent application, and needs your support if it has a chance of becoming reality.

Please make contact with your state senator and state representative. A sample letter template is below as a cut & paste starting point for you to use as a starting point.  Be polite but firm, that you want this trail. You have been paying more for ORV stickers since 2014 and have not seen a new trail system for 15 plus years. Share the MDNR Trail ID#0602102020004 in your communications. Please reinforce that notion that we need new trail opportunities in addition to maintenance of the existing trail system.

David Geisler and Sean Duperron have briefed state Senator Curt VanderWall & staff, and they are in support.  We are in the process of briefing state Rep Jack O’Malley about this proposal as it will be in his district too.  

Please encourage others to politely and politically support the proposal. Also become a CCC member and ask them to drive this forward as well.  They are sponsoring organization supporting this application and will be instrumental in its development if it is approved. 

Feel free to ask questions. Dave Geisler, or Sean Duperron,  We will do what we can to answer.

The following  image shows the location of this new trail proposal relative to other motorcycle trails and ORV routes.

Support Letter Template

Dear "State Representative",

My name is X.  I am an avid off-road motorcyclist and love the Michigan trail system.  I am a member of the CCC, Michigan's premier motorcycle trail support organization.  There is a new trail proposal in the DNR system, proposal  MDNR Trail ID#0602102020004, that is well designed and located in an area of the state that is sorely lacking in motorcycle trails.  It would be a compliment to the other trail systems in the area, add to the local economy,  and provide new options for Michigan trail riders.

While there is a need to maintain the other existing trail systems in the state, frankly some of them are so worn out that replacing them with a new trail would be a more cost effective plan.  I would support and help with the development and maintenance of this new trail proposal.

I would be excited to see this new trail opportunity for myself and fellow off-roaders and I would very much appreciate you also helping put this high on the DNR trail development list of priorities. 

Thank you.

The image below shows the proposed route relative to the existing open forest roads and the local snowmobile trail.